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Roulette - Learn About Aussie Roulette

When many people imagine roulette, they think of a game that involves much intrigue and perhaps a plush, upscale atmosphere that resembles something out of a James Bond movie, but the truth is that roulette is not a game that is played only among the rich and glamorous casino customer.

You can certainly walk into a land-based casino and play roulette whenever you want. But when you talk about roulette, you are talking about a whole new level of accessibility. Nothing has brought roulette to the masses to a greater degree than online casinos have. And all any player needs is a grasp of the easy rules involved to enjoy the game. The game takes place around the roulette wheel, which include slots for every number from 1 through 36, in addition to a zero and a double zero (or just the zero, as we'll explore). The wheel is spun and at the same time a roulette ball is rotated around the upper track of the wheel, and it will fall into one of the spots that determines which of the numbers will pay out.

There are two kinds of roulette: American and European. The Australian customer will likely be able to find both versions of it in the vast majority of casinos they undertake to play in. In the European version, there are the numbers 1-36 and also a slot for the zero (0). The American version has all of that, except there is also a double-zero (00) slot. The presence of the double zero means that the probability any individual number that can pay a player lands is reduced. Therefore, the European game carries less of a house edge than the American game.

The roulette layout accommodates a number of different bets. A player can wager on any individual number hitting, and if that happens, the payout will be 35-to-1. There are also various groupings of numbers that can be the subject of a wager. All of these are referred to as the "inside bets," because they are placed on the main, or inside, part of the layout.

There are also "outside" bets, which you will see on the "outside" part of the layout, and these will involve wagers on 18 numbers at a time (half of the numbers, aside from the zero and double zero). You will see these wagers expressed as the "Red or Black," "Even or Odd" and "High or Low" wagers. They entail just what their names imply. Those wagers pay off at even money. Prospective online roulette player should know that all the wagers in roulette carry a house edge of 5.26%, which the exception of one bet, where the odds are even worse.

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