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Baccarat - Learn About Aussie Baccarat

Many people believe that the casino game that has the most intrigue surrounding it is that of baccarat, which, like roulette, has developed an aura about it that is associated with glamour and affluence. The truth is, with the advent of online casinos, baccarat become a very accessible game that can be enjoyed by the masses.

Can you learn how to play baccarat? There is no doubt about the fact that you can. The fact is, there is not a lot a player really has to do in order to proceed in an online casino environment. When you look at the game, some of it will resemble blackjack in a sense, in that there is a shoe with a number of decks in it, and a dealer is distributing those cards out of the shoe. But that is where the similarity ends. This is a game where there is really nothing in the way of strategy that can be employed.

There is only one decision that is made by a player in the game of roulette. That is the decision on which entity to bet on. There are two "parties" to the game - the Player and the Banker. It doesn't really make sense to look at yourself as the player and the casino as the banker, because you can actually bet on either side to win any particular hand. So you will indeed bet on either, and have a third option as well, which is a "tie," which is a possibility. The tie pays out at 8-to-1 odds, while the winning bet on the Player or Banker is paid at even money. However, the odds of the Banker winning are better, so there is a 5% commission paid back to the house on any winning bet on the Banker.

Basically, both sides get two cards, and the side that gets closest to a total of nine (9) is the winner. This deserves a bit of explanation. Ten-value cards, while a critical part of a game of blackjack, are neutral in baccarat; that is to say, they are not counted. So when there is a two-card total, for example, of 14, the total for baccarat purposes is only four (4). This is the kind of thing that might take some getting used to, but as we mentioned, since you don't need to make any playing decisions, it really doesn't matter. There is also a list of contingencies when it comes to drawing a third card to either hand, and that is something you don't necessarily need to know "by heart." But if you do, that is something you may want to study from the official game rules which can be found in the Help files or on an online casino's website.

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