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Problem Gambling and How to Get Help

There are a lot of people who have a lot of fun playing online casino games. But for some people, it stops being entertainment at some points and drifts into obsession, which is reflected in addiction. This is also referred to as "problem gambling" and requires treatment and self-discipline in order to reverse it.

It is sound fundamentally for an online casino customer to know at what point to stop playing; when the losses have been become sufficient to end a playing session. When this is a part of strategy, it is called a "stop loss" and is the product of a specific and designated figure at which to end play, at least for that day or session. This requires some self-discipline, and it works very well as an ideal, but the fact is that not everybody possesses that kind of discipline. Let's face it; there are a lot of temptations for someone who does not enough self-control. There is the gambling activity itself, but on top of that there are numerous bonus programs that can serve as a trigger for somebody to play longer than intended, for the purposes of chasing that bonus wagering requirement and cashing it in.

Problem gamblers don't believe in money management. They don't believe in a stop loss figure. They don't believe in stopping. They don't have fun. They don't exhibit any of the characteristics that would be typical of the recreational casino player, because there is nothing recreational about it. There is always going to be something else to bet on, and always the urge to chase losses, throwing good money after bad, as they say. It is a mindset not many people understand or identify with. It is very much like someone with an alcohol problem.

And like an alcoholic, problems with gambling can gravitate to problems in other areas of life, especially with regard to behavior that affects the lives of the individuals around the problem gambler, such as family members and friends. That is why one of the best places for those who need help is Gambler Anonymous, which is patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous, and involves interaction with other who need help and support from the group, which is among the best forms of therapy. There are other places to turn for those who recognize they have a problem. There are help lines in virtually every region where gambling is legal, as well as non-profit organizations, some of which operate online, that are actually financed by a collective pool of funds contributed by online casinos. Problem gamblers who truly want assistance need not be alone.

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